13 March 2024

Another diamond to the crown with HerMighty Girl Power Camp

As the vibrant echoes of laughter and newfound self-discovery linger in the air, the HerMighty Girl Power Camp, which brought together 230 girls from Klang Valley ranging in age from 13 to 17, brings to life the essence of empowerment and camaraderie. Guided by the spirited "Rockstars" – Amin, Chloe, Faiz, Sharenee, and Asyraf – and fueled by the dedicated amBESTIEdors, a committed group of SFP students and teachers, this thrilling journey unfolded, creating not just memories but also instilling the core values of the camp.

Encapsulated in the acronym SFP, these values urged the girls to Shine with confidence, Forge strong resilient mindsets, and embrace their Priceless self-worth, all symbolised by the brilliance of diamonds. From concert-like vibes during 'Wave your Glowsticks,' where girls waved their glowsticks in response to relatable statements, to heartening compliments in the circle of 'Miss Smiley,' each icebreaker painted the camp with hues of enthusiasm and positive energy.

Shine with Confidence

Girls delved into the root causes of their insecurities, primarily influenced by negative media. In a symbolic and liberating act, they wrote down their insecurities and tore them up, releasing them into the air like confetti.

Forging Strong Resilient Mindset:

Emphasising the need to filter media information, this session introduced Louise Evans' 5 Chairs concept. The girls learned that while they couldn't change others' behaviour, they could control their own responses, forging a strong and resilient mindset.

Priceless Love and Relationship

Concluding with a powerful message about self-love, girls discovered their love languages, recognising that the most important relationship anyone can have is with themselves.

Parents, ever the champions, joined in the celebration during the recap session, leaving their own heartfelt notes that added a touch of warmth to the unforgettable moments. The festivities continued with lively activity booths, where the girls not only pampered themselves at hair wax, snack, nail, and bead bars but also tapped into their empowered selves with 'Discover Your Inner Queen.'

In the end, the photobooth sealed the memories, capturing endless joy with besties and creating highlights that, unlike any filter, showcased the radiant spirits of these empowered girls. As the curtain falls on the HerMighty Girl Power Camp, it leaves behind not just a campsite but a space where confidence was cultivated, resilience was fortified, and self-love became the brightest jewel in each participant's crown. Until next time, let the echoes of laughter and newfound strength resonate, a reminder that every girl is a mighty force to be reckoned with.

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