13 March 2024

Bridging Gaps in Education for Stateless Individuals

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals on education and reducing inequalities, a forum was organized with invited external panelists to discuss perspectives on statelessness and the Right to Education in Malaysia. Held on 17th November 2023, it was executed by a collaborative committee consisting of academics from the Centre for Commercial Law and Justice at Sunway University, in collaboration with Sunway Diploma Studies and the Victoria University Business Programme.

As part of collective efforts to increase awareness and understanding of statelessness and the obstacles to education, the forum brought together several key individuals. This comprised Mr. KC Kuan, a parent of a former stateless child and founder of the Stateless Malaysian Citizenship Movement; Ms. Malini Ramalo from DHRAA, director of social protection; Ms. Larissa, Legal Partner at ALSSCO and Founder of HaKita, as well as Nalvin Dhillon, a young adult who waited for thirteen years until he received his citizenship. The panel expressed views from legal, economic, global, educational, and social perspectives on the matter.

Moderated by Dr. Paul Linus Andrews, Associate Dean of Sunway Business School and Head of the Centre for Commercial Law and Justice, the event kicked off with a video featuring the young stateless boy, Liong Wen Fung, at a state-level Wushu competition. It was followed by introductions of the external panelists. A series of questions for the panel members allowed the audience to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the issue, especially from Ms. Larissa and Ms. Malini, while Mr. KC Kuan and Nalvin shared personal encounters faced with barriers to education. During the intermission, another video showcasing Wen Fung’s exceptional guitar skills was featured. Nalvin, as an active youth advocate, shared how he stayed positive and motivated despite his lack of identity, inspiring the audience to persevere under adverse circumstances.

The event drew participation from Sunway College and University staff and students, as well as a few external invited guests, including a few families from the stateless community. The significance of this event was captured through the insights gained, especially in dispelling misconceptions about the stateless community and addressing the plight they face, particularly in receiving basic rights, which includes access to educational opportunities.

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