Payment Channels

Payment Channels

Payment Instructions

How To Pay

Step 1

Prepare your student details and informations

  1. Student Name
  2. Student NRIC/Passport No.
  3. Contact number
  4. Programme study
  5. Sunway PALS Card No.

Step 2

Make payment with one of our payment channels:

  1. Sunway ePayment Portal
  2. Online Banking
  3. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Cash Deposit Machine / Cheque Deposit Machine / Interbank GIRO
  4. JomPAY
  5. Over The Counter / Cheque Deposit Box

Step 3

If you are using payment channels 2 to 4, kindly send us the payment transaction receipts/slip through one of the following channels:

  1. Over the Finance Counter
  2. Email us at

Important Notes


e-Receipt will be sent to student iMail or registered e-mail with the Registry

It will take:

  • 2 working days (for local remote bank-in or bank transfer); and
  • 5 to 7 working days (for overseas transfer) for remittance clearance after we have received your payment transaction receipt.
2. Please note: Sunway points will be awarded on payment made for tuition fees only. Sunway points will not be awarded once payment has been processed and official receipt issued.


Payment Channels

Sunway ePayment Portal

Save the hassle & make payment online here  

Online Banking

For existing Maybank2U users
Log in > Bill Payment > Education
Account details 
Payee name: Sunway Education Group Sdn Bhd
For existing CIMB Clicks user for Saving/Current Account
Log in > Pay > Bills
Account details
Biller name: Sunway Education Group Sdn Bhd


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Cash Deposit Machine / Cheque Deposit Machine / Interbank GIRO

MAYBANK Account details
Payee name: Sunway Education Group Sdn. Bhd.
Bank name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Account no.: 012 316 401 449

JomPAY Local Online Payment

(a) Payment for Programme
Biller Code: 2220
(b) Payment for Accommodation
Biller Code: 3228


Biller Code :
Refer to the above (a) or (b)
Ref-1 :
Student ID (for SU, SCKL and SIS Students only)
Ref- 2 :
Student NRIC/Passport Number/Sunway Pals No.



Over the Counter / Cheque Deposit Box

Head over to the Financial Services Department on Level 1 of the North Building at Sunway College to make payment using your preferred payment method.

  1. Cash
  2. Credit Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. Crossed cheque* - Payable to: Sunway Education Group Sdn. Bhd. Please write on the reverse side of the cheque:
    • Student Name in Full
    • Programme
    • Student NRIC No.
    • Contact Number
    • Sunway Pals Card No.


*Only cheques are accepted via the Cheque Deposit Box option.

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