Sunway Alumni Relations

Sunway Alumni Relations

About Sunway Alumni Relations

Building Connections That Last

Stay connected and form lifelong bonds with fellow graduates by keeping in touch with our Sunway Alumni Relations team!
The Sunway Alumni Relations team is here to support our alumni by providing assistance in alumni issues, organising alumni events, and connecting you with opportunities exclusive to Sunway alumni. We focus on cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with current and future Sunway alumni by:

  1. Promoting and fostering effective relationships and active involvement between alumni and Sunway institutions. 
  2. Keeping in touch with alumni to alert them about potential networking and developmental opportunities that highlight their achievements. 
  3. Striving to create a platform that benefits both alumni and Sunway College 

As part of our alumni, you have access to all Sunway College facilities. Visit our page for more information! 

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