Monash University Foundation Year

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Programme Intakes
January, July, August

June 2024 Open Day


The only MUFY provider in Malaysia

MUFY is a direct pathway to Monash University, ranked among the top 50 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings 2024. Monash University is also a member of the Group of Eight, Australia’s most prestigious universities.

In addition, the MUFY qualification is recognised for admission into a number of universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Malaysia.



graduates awarded the

Monash High Achiever Scholarship

*Based on June 2020 - December 2023 results


students graduated with

Overall Distinction and Above

*Based on June 2020 - December 2023 results



Students Have Chosen MUFY

as a pathway to university since 1999



Programme Details

Intakes January, July, August
Duration 12 months
Assessments 70% coursework and 30% final examination
Examinations May, October & December


Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements
SPM / O-Level

Pass with min. 5 credits (including English)


Pass with min. 3 Bs (including English)

English Language Requirement

*For students without a credit or higher in English

Minimum credit in SPM English or O-Level English as a Second Language
Minimum grade D in O-Level English as a First Language or English Literature
IELTS - Minimum overall score of 5.5 and no band less than 5.0 or equivalent


(Starting 23 May 2024)

MUFY PLUS is a 6-week experiential immersion programme providing students a preparatory experience, offering introductory subject exploration, study skills enhancement, and orientation to campus life, for a more confident transition into tertiary studies.


Choice of Subjects

MUFY offers a choice of 12 subjects, enabling students to select subjects based on their interest and university course preference.

Each subject is divided into Unit 1 and Unit 2. Students study the first half of a subject (Unit 1) in semester one and complete the second half (Unit 2) in semester two, making learning more manageable.

English (Compulsory)

  • English Unit 1 MUF0011
  • English Unit 2 MUF0012

Business Units

  • Economics Unit 1 MUF0061
  • Economics Unit 2 MUF0062
  • Accounting Unit 1 MUF0021
  • Accounting Unit 2 MUF0022

Mathematics Units

  • Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0091
  • Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0092
  • Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0141
  • Fundamental Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0142
  • Advanced Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0101
  • Advanced Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0102

Science Units

  • Biology Unit 1 MF0031
  • Biology Unit 2 MUF0032
  • Chemistry Unit 1 MUF0041
  • Chemistry Unit 2 MUF0042
  • Physics Unit 1 MUF0121
  • Physics Unit 2 MUF0122

Computer Science Units

  • Information and Communication
    Technology Unit 1 MUF0051
  • Information and Communication
    Technology Unit 2 MUF0052

Social Science Units

  • Global Studies Unit 1 MUF0131
  • Global Studies Unit 2 MUF0132
  • Contemporary Issues Unit 1 MUF0151
  • Contemporary Issues Unit 2 MUF0152

Scholarship Scheme

Students who are interested in pursuing our Pre-University programmes or degree programmes in Sunway College and are seeking financial aid can click here for more information. 

Downloadable Materials

Further information about MUFY can be found in the MUFY Brochure 2024 below.

MUFY Brochure

Monash University Malaysia Undergraduate Prospectus

Studies 2024 

Testimonials & Alumni

Kajendra Govindasamy
Kajendra Govindasamy

Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

Monash University

“It would have been very hard for me to equip myself with the skills necessary to get into Monash without taking up MUFY as my pre-university course. The course structure, friendly tutors as well as an amazing student council to work with have made my MUFY journey a memorable one.”

Jasmine Chiam Wan Ern
Jasmine Chiam Wan Ern

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Monash University

“The MUFY programme has been an eye-opening, wholesome and unforgettable experience. The teachers are supportive, dedicated and professional while the programme itself has encouraged me to develop as a person, grow and excel in my studies. Overall, MUFY has aided me in gaining the knowledge, assets and skills necessary to perform well in my future undertakings.”

Alia Qamelia
Alia Qamelia

Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Honours)

Monash University

“MUFY was a whole new adventure for me where I had the chance to be a part of a diverse community. This exposure definitely aided me in improving my social and communication skills. I also love how MUFY was not only a programme that focuses on academically related activities but sports and charity events as well.”

Ryan Khoo Lay King
Ryan Khoo Lay King

Bachelor of Computer Science

Monash University

“I can confidently say that Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) has helped me establish a solid foundation in my studies. The programme has also helped me to develop a strong sense of discipline and high selfmotivation, as it requires you to diligently plan out your schedule carefully. Each class environment is enjoyable, educational and interactive. My overall experience in MUFY is totally invaluable and essential to my future success.”

Mattues Lim Zhen Chen
Mattues Lim Zhen Chen

Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine

Monash University

“MUFY seamlessly integrates into the curriculum at Monash. Through MUFY, I learnt a lot about time management, honed my skills and pushed my boundaries through various assessments and interactive activities. I was also privileged to be a part of the MUFY Student Council which was an enriching experience. In short, MUFY has the best of both worlds - challenging me academically while balancing it with an array of fun extracurricular activities.”

Rajiv Martin
Rajiv Martin

Bachelor of Business & Commerce

Monash University

“MUFY was a whole new chapter in my education. It helped me build a solid foundation that taught me the skills to cope with my studies at Monash University. Through MUFY, I also cultivated lots of self-discipline which helped me succeed in university as there were times when I felt distracted and less motivated. I love how the course is structured not just academically but also to build my confidence and social skills through various extracurricular activities. I would not hesitate to recommend MUFY as the experience proved to be invaluable.”

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