Monash University Foundation Year

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Programme Intakes
January, July, September



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Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) was established in 1998 and allows for students to cross over into various Monash University's undergraduate degrees. Monash University is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight. 

Students gain a guaranteed first-year admittance into an array of degrees at Monash University upon completion and fulfilment of the entry requirements. Many MUFY graduates can gain admission into Monash University Malaysia, Monash University Australia, and Sunway University to explore a myriad of programmes.



Programme Details

Intakes January, July, September
Duration 11 - 12 months
Assessments 70% coursework and 30% final examination. 
Examinations May, October & December;


Entry Requirements

Pre-existing qualification Grade
SPM / O-Level Pass with min. 5 credits (including English)
UEC Pass with min. 3 Bs (including English)

Additional English Requirements

*For students without a credit or higher in English

IELTS - minimum score of 5.5 and writing not less than 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 or equivalent.



By way of an e-learning platform, the MUFY programme merges in-person learning with self-guided learning. Communication occurs through a hybrid approach and thus evokes the need for students to bring their own electronic learning devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, etc)

Choice Of Subject

A choice of 12 subjects is offered. Each subject is divided into:

  • Unit 1; AND
  • Unit 2

Business Units

  • Economics Unit 1 MUF0061
  • Economics Unit 2 MUF0062
  • Accounting Unit 1 MUF0021
  • Accounting Unit 2 MUF0022

Science Units

  • Biology Unit 1 MF0031
  • Biology Unit 2 MUF0032
  • Chemistry Unit 1 MUF0041
  • Chemistry Unit 2 MUF0042
  • Physics Unit 1 MUF0121
  • Physics Unit 2 MUF0122

English (Compulsory)

  • English Unit 1 MUF0011
  • English Unit 2 MUF0012

Mathematics Units

  • Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0091
  • Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0092
  • Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0141
  • Fundamental Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0142
  • Advanced Mathematics Unit 1 MUF0101
  • Advanced Mathematics Unit 2 MUF0102

Computer Science Units

  • Information and Communication
    Technology Unit 1 MUF0051
  • Information and Communication
    Technology Unit 2 MUF0052

Social Science Units

  • Global Studies Unit 1 MUF0131
  • Global Studies Unit 2 MUF0132
  • Contemporary Issues Unit 1 MUF0151
  • Contemporary Issues Unit 2 MUF0152

Scholarship Scheme

Students who are interested in pursuing our Pre-University programmes or degree programmes in Sunway College and are seeking financial aid can click here for more information. 

Downloadable Materials

Detailed information about the subjects offered for each intake for 2023 can be found in the MUFY brochures.

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