Certificate in Business Studies

Certificate in Business Studies

Programme Intakes
January, April and August


Certificate in Business Studies

The Certificate in Business Studies introduces students to the modern world of business, and all its challenges. Throughout the programme, students will develop essential business skills and knowledge that can be applied in the ever-changing business world.

Throughout their course of study, students will be enrolled in over 20 subjects that help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, along with strong communication skills, basic information technology (IT) skills, financial skills, and modern business skills. These subjects prepare students for the reality of a career in business.

Programme Details

Intakes January, April and August
Duration 1.5 Years
Assessments & Examinations 70% Coursework and 30% Final Examination


Entry Requirements

Pre-existing qualification Grade
SPM/O-Level Pass with min. 1 credit
UEC Pass with min. 1 B
Other Equivalent Qualifications On a case-by-case basis

English Language Requirement

*For International Students only

IELTS - Minimum Band 5 OR equivalent

Subjects Listing

Subjects Offered

Students will learn these subjects:
  • Introduction to Operation Management
  • Management Basics
  • Introduction to International Business & Business Ethics
  • Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Applications for Business
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Management Information System
  • Marketing Communication
  • Book Keeping
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Finance
  • Essentials of Business Mathematics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Basic Business Statistics
  • Introduction to Business English
  • Business Communication


MOHE General Studies

Students must pass these MOHE General Studies

For Local Students

  • Pengajian Malaysia I
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A (applicable to students who did not sit for SPM or did not obtain a Credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu) OR Study Skills for Higher Learning
  • Globalisation & Contemporary Issues
  • Kursus Integriti dan Anti-Rasuah (KIAR)

For International Students

  • Malay Language for Communication 1
  • Study Skills for Higher Learning
  • Globalisation & Contemporary Issues
  • Integrity and Anti-Corruption


Why Obtain a Certificate in Business Studies?

Developing Business Acumen

Enrolling in this programme equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to overcome real-life industry challenges. Following the completion of this programme, students will walk away with basic business knowledge and skills, and the aptitude to leverage modern-day technology to solve business-related problems.


Industry-Led Teaching

With the Certificate in Business Studies programme, students are able to develop their business knowledge and skills under the guidance of lecturers with industry experience. With vast expertise and experience in the world of business, our lecturers are able to draw generalisations and provide inferences that go beyond a classroom.


Progression Pathway

Downloadable Materials

Detailed information about the Certificate programme can be found in the Sunway Diploma Studies brochure.

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