17 November 2023

IMU Science Discovery Challenge 2023

The students of Sunway College KL A-Level have proudly secured four main awards during the IMU Science Discovery Challenge.

The four winners are:

  1. 1st Runner Up & RM 800 - ONG ZHI HSUEN
  2. 2nd Runner Up & RM 600 - TAN CHUEN KEAT
  3. 4th Runner Up & RM 400 - KELVIN NG KAH KIT
  4. Best Chemistry Award - KELVIN NG KAH KIT

This year, we've seen an astonishing 𝟰𝟴𝟬𝟬 passionate participants stepping onto the preliminary stage. Only less than the top 10% have made it to the Grand Finale!

This 10% were from 64 institutions/colleges in Malaysia.

Sunway College A-Level dominated the Grand Finale stage with the highest number of grand finalists and emerged with 4 main awards!

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