29 November 2023

Sunway College A-Level Graduates Celebrating Success With Community

Following their joyous graduation celebration, the accomplished batch of A-Level students from Sunway College extended their memorable day beyond the campus to share their success with the local community. In alignment with the college’s ongoing initiative, “A Campus With A Conscience,” four graduates, elegantly adorned in their graduation robes, paid a visit to the PJS7 community hall. Accompanied by student volunteers, they brought along beautiful flowers courtesy of BloomThis.

Madam Tharva, representing the PJS7 community, expressed her delight, stating, “The sight of the students entering the hall with these beautiful flowers was truly breathtaking. It’s wonderful to witness these young individuals personally coming down and sharing their personal milestones with our community.”

Residents of PJS7, touched by the thoughtful gesture, shared their appreciation. “It truly is a lovely and thoughtful gesture that our residents deeply appreciate. Being part of these graduates’ significant occasion makes our day. For that, we are immensely grateful to Sunway College and would also like to express our heartiest congratulations to the brilliant students,” mentioned another delighted resident.

The A-Level graduates not only celebrated their success but also shared the joy by gifting their graduation flowers to members of the local community. They even offered to help residents select beautiful bunches to be shared with their families.

These meaningful initiatives, extending beyond academics, showcase Sunway College’s commitment to being a Campus With A Conscience. By incorporating the surrounding communities into their celebratory moments, the college continues to emphasize the importance of social responsibility and community engagement.

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