Visa and Immigration

Visa and Immigration


Student Pass and Other Pass

  • It is mandatory for every international student to have a student pass to study in Malaysia as it is a requirement under the laws and regulations of the Government of Malaysia 
  • All non-student passes need to be converted to student pass before enrolling in programmes except the ones listed below:
    • Diplomatic Pass Principal/Dependent: IMMIGRATION (EXEMPTION) ORDER 1963
    • Malaysia Permanent Resident- Red IC holder 
    • Malaysian Work Permits Holder

Permission to study stamp/letter is required for non-passes above before enrolling into our programmes.

Completion of studies/ Graduating students

Step 1

You are required to submit original passport, flight ticket and other addtional documents at least 1 month before your departure date to proceed with student Visa cancellation.


Step 2

You need to fill up and complete the Student Status Modification form for the completion or withdrawal from study process and upload the following documents in i-Zone:

A scan copy of passport information page 
A scan copy of student pass page 
A confirmed flight ticket/ full offer letter from next institution in Malaysia only

Form can be completed via i-Zone by:

Select “Services” > Select “eForms” > Select “Student Status Modification Form” > Select “Completion”.


Step 3

Students may proceed to exit Malaysia upon completion and Visa cancellation. Processing duration for form will take up to 20 working days upon completion/withdrawal from the programme. You may write to the Finance Department for further enquiries.



  • It is required by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Immigration Department of Malaysia that all international students completing their studies or graduating MUST cancel/ shorten their student pass before leaving to their home country or country of residence within 30 days after the completion/withdrawal of studies.
  • Leaving without properly cancelling your student pass can cause consequences if a student decides to apply to another institution within Malaysia.
  • Students are not allowed to travel back to their home country without this being done. Therefore, you are required to submit your original passport, flight ticket and additional documents one (1) month before your departure date.
  • For further terms and conditions, please refer to Student Status Modification Form
  • Failure to comply, the International Office will proceed to notify the respective Higher Authority in Malaysia for their further action.


Visa Renewal

Step 1

Fill up and submit Student Pass Extension Form form IO and submit it at least 2 months before pass expiry date. Approvals from respective programmes must be obtained before-hand. The documents required are as follows:

  • Attendance (from first semester) 
  • Semester results achieved (to date) 
  • A letter of support from Academic Head of Department is required if:
    • attendance is less than 80% 
    • the course is not completed within the stipulated period of study.


Step 2

Compile all relevant documents needed for Student Pass Extension (Renewal) form


Step 3

Payment advice will be issued only after documents are checked by IO. Therefore, students will pay for special passes and insurance at the Finance Department.


Step 4

Passport must be handed in at least 1 month before student pass expiry. Renewal endorsement will take at least 6-8 weeks from expiry date. Therefore, students will not be able to make any travelling arrangements within that period.



For your renewal of Student Pass to be approved, your attendance in class should not fall below 80% and you need to achieve a minimum of CGPA 2.00 as required by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.



  • Students that face medical issues, financial difficulties or personal difficulties may apply for deferment during their study. 
  • *Advice from DOP/HOP/HOD is needed before request 
  • Deferment period granted is one semester with maximum of one calendar year or you will have to withdraw from your programme 
  • SSMF and the following supporting documents need to be submitted to
    • A scan copy of passport information page
    • A scan copy of student pass page
    • A confirmed flight ticket to return to home country
    • A scan copy of exit stamp page (upon arrival at home country)
    • Medical report from certified practitioner (if applicable)
  • International students with valid student passes are not allowed to stay in Malaysia during deferment period as it is related to Immigration Malaysia laws. 
  • Students may verify with the respective School on the commencement date for the upcoming semester (after the deferment period). Kindly also ensure to obtain the academic advice (i.e. subject enrolment, school fees, any latest updates, etc.). 

Programme Intake/ Transfer

Any transfers of intake should be done before the commencement of the semester that the student is registered in and should not be done beyond the 2 week period of the semester. 
If transfer takes place within the 2 week period at the beginning of the semester, the tuition fee paid will be transferable to the new programme or intake on a prorated basis. 
Students that wish to transfer need to fill up the SSMF for the transfer process. Once the process is complete, students will receive the new offer letter in accordance with transfer requests where they must sign the offer letter and send it back to

Change of Programme

  • Cancellation of Sunway student pass (old programme).
  • Submission of documents for new programme’s student pass application.


The above requirements are subject to change depending on EMGS and Immigration Malaysia without any prior notice. Please contact the International Office during working hours should you require any further clarification. Students are referred to Sunway College Rules & Regulations governing their academic rights and obligations during their tenure of study.


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